L & L CONTAINER SALES & RENTAL CORPORATION hereinafter referred to as Lessor hereby leases to the Party or Parties named on the attached Contract hereinafter referred to as Lessee, the trailer described on said Contract.

Lessor and Lessee for the considerations provided on said Contract, covenant and agree as follows:

  1. In order to induce the Lessor to enter into this Agreement, Lessee warrants that the Container shall not be used:
    1. In violation of any law, ordinance or rule or regulation.
    2. By any person other than the Lessee, his employer, or his employee.
    3. Outside the scope of the driver ‘s employment in the usual course of the renter’s business.

      Any use of the Container by the Lessee in violation of this contract is expressly prohibited.

  2. The Lessee acknowledges and agrees:
    1. That he has inspected the Container in the presence of the Lessor and that it is received by Lessee in good condition mechanically and otherwise.
    2. That no repairs, adjustments, or replacement of any parts will be made without Lessor ‘s authorization.
    3. That the Container will at all times during this Contract be operated or used under Lessee’s or his employer’s exclusive dominion and control.
  3. The containers subject to this lease are and shall remain the property of the lessor.
  4. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Lessor harmless for any and all claims to persons or damaged property and from any and all expenses incurred in the defense of any such claims and to include loss or damage to property stored within Container.
  5. Lessee agrees to release, indemnify and hold Lessor harmless from and against:
    1. Any claim or causes of action for death or injury to persons or loss or damage to property from the use of Container.
    2. The value of all tires, tools, and accessories lost or stolen from the Container, or damaged through other than normal use.
    3. All cost of repossessing the Container, including but not restricted to attorney ‘s fees and court costs incurred in connection therewith.
    4. All damages resulting from loading the Container beyond the payload limits.
    5. All damages to property resulting from the operation of the Container off a public road.
    6. Any fines or penalties including forfeiture or seizure resulting from the use of Container during the term of this contract.
  6. Lessee agrees to report any accident, loss of or damage to the Container in writing to the Owner immediately, and in any event, within 24 hours after such accident, loss or damage.
  7. Lessee agrees to pay for monthly rental periods. Lessor does not prorate invoices.
  8. Lessee agrees to pay the owner on demand, all costs of collection, including all attorney ‘s fees incurred in connection with the collection of charges of this Contract by suit or otherwise.
  9. Both parties hereto understand and agree that the terms and conditions of the entire rental contract set forth on all pages of this instrument and that the same contains all agreements of the parties.
  10. Lessee agrees to return the Container to Lessor at the time and place designated on the attached Contract. Lessor retains the right to remove the container from the Lessee location when payment is 90 (ninety) days in arrears.
  11. Lessor reserves the right to inspect the Container at any time during the term of this rental, wherever the Container may be located. In the event of a violation or default by the Lessee with respect to any of the terms of this a contract, Lessor may recover the Container wherever it may be located and terminate this contract.
  12. Lessee further agrees to pay Lessor, on-demand, any costs, and expenses incurred by it in removing the container in the event the same is not rented according to the terms of the attached contract.
  13. Lessee agrees to return the Container in the same condition it was in when contract agreement was executed, reasonable wear and tear expected. Lessee must furnish insurance. Lessee accepts responsibility for all damage to this container, and lessee agrees to pay any damage in full.